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Is there such a feat?

I understand that the only really character that is going to be using a blowgun is the executioner and that they will take Ki expertise as it applies to all their weapons.

But as the blowguns group is blowgun is there a feat to bump it?

Thanks in advance

There is no feat for Blowgun expertise. You can search the compendium even without a DDI account (you just can't actually read the entries).

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There is a heritage feat, Bogtangle Warrior, for humans only which bumps the damage to 1d6 and gives you access to an At-Will power that you can use to replace one of your other At-Will powers.  The feat was published in Dragon Magazine issue 386.  It requires that you also first take the Bogtangle Heritage feat.

   The at-will power uses your highest ability modifier, requires the use of a blowgun and does 1[W]+highest modifier in Poison damage, and slows the target until the end of your next turn.  If they are already slowed, it immobilzes instead.
There's no specific expertise for blowguns, but Master at Arms will apply, as will Ki Focus Expertise.
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This is exactly what I needed to know, and even more so in RisingZan's case.

Thanks All
Versatile Expertise can also apply

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