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The FNM I attend uses Vintage rules rather than Standard, thus I play with what is basically a Modern U/R Kiln Fiend Deck.

The basic strategy is to use cheap instants and sorceries to boost my creatures and swing for big damage. Since I'd rather let the spells resolve most of the time, I keep the Nivmagus Elementals in the sideboard for when I need size. Smelt and Turn to Frog are chosen for my specific metagame where I face the likes of Red Affinity and Blue Blightsteel Colossus/Phyrexian Dreadnought. Dispel is mainly for dealing with counterspells and removal though I normally use Negate which can counter a wider range of spells.

The ideal win is on turn 3 or 4 with Kiln Fiend, Assault Strobe, and either Distortion Strike which rebounds plus a possible third spell or Artful Dodge which I can flashback immediately after casting, pumping the Fiend to 10-11 power and swinging for game.  In practice, my games go a little longer especially when removal is involved. During those games I have to play a little slower, casting one or two spells a turn and leaving mana open for counterspells. Lightning Bolt also helps, either burning a creature or dealing a little extra damage to the defending player before my Kiln Fiend or Wee Dragonauts breaks their face.

I've placed at least 5th with it, but my performance can vary wildly between tournaments, so I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions for improvements. In the past, I ran Preordain, Brainstorm, and Ponder to provide additional card draw, but I felt I needed to make room for counterspells.

I'd say placing 5th with this deck under vintage rules is pretty darn good.  I mentioned this on another Izzet thread (why are there so many all of a sudden?), but two of favorite cards here are vapor snag and staggershock.  Depending on the power of the decks you face, staggershock may not be good enough, but I'd certainly mainboard vapor snag and take turn to frog out of the sideboard.  Again, you kind of have to build to your meta, so take that advice with a grain of salt.

The only glaring omission I see is lack of card draw, and I see you've removed it in place of counterspells.  In general, rule of thumb is to always include card draw if you are running counterspells.  The reason is that you need to be able to generate some kind of card advantage so that you can counter your opponents spells while also casting your own threats.  If you're not drawing cards, and can't generate a threat on your own, all your opponent has to do is keep going until you run out of counters.  I think electrickery does better in the sideboard here, and I'd fill that slot with Brainstorm.
I think electrickery does better in the sideboard here, and I'd fill that slot with Brainstorm.

Consider that Brainstorm (and most other good 1 cmc draw/filter spells for that matter) are restricted in vintage ..  but yes, some more draw/filter sounds like a good idea. maybe some of the other 1 cmc phyrexian mana spells might work out to (Mutagenic Growth, Gut Shot) .. or other free to play spells (land grant if you can get hold some g/r or g/u shocklands or even duals)
Faithless Looting could help you cycle out the lands you don't need and help you dig.
in this kind of scenario i would run 4x flings because it eliminates the need to attack and can be done at any time (especially in response to somebody killing kiln fiend)

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