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Hi everyone!

I was looking to create a EDH playgroup that would come together and play a small tournament once a week or something. My idea was to create a tournament with like minded individuals. I'd like to give prizes for the winner of the tournament every week, (not in monetary value, or tickets, but with a few cards that would have somewhere between 1-5 value). Here's what i initially thought of, but i am open to suggestions and fresh ideas. 

- This would be a casual flavored, geared towards role-playing, tournament. Every participant would have to create a character description to your planeswalker. (why does he use your color choices, what kind of spells does he focus on, how is his personality reflected on the deck, how did he come across, and why did he choose that commander?) 

- A ban list can be colectivily made. I think it's interesting to make banlists because i would want to encourage everyone to play, so that it doesen't become "singleton vintage". Extremely expensive cards don't always make unfair decks, but a few of them do and aren't inecessible to everyone, or broken combo engines aren't fun either.

- As i mentioned prizes would be ofered for the winner, they would be related to the background of that particular storyline we can create, and can be cards usefull or fun in commander. Monetary prizes or tickets will never be ofered as a prize, as that tends to create a negative competitive atmosphere which is the opposite of what i'm proposing. 

- This playgroup can be organized in the form of a Clan, with whoever wants to play can join the clan, or through facebook.

Let's see what the feedback is, welcome to any critic or suggestions!  

I know this is almost a year ago of you posting this.  I like the Idea.  But how would these tournys be setup?  Skype? GoogleVideo?  Or are you referring to using an online medium?  


Again I like the Idea.  Just curious as to how this would be done.

Also, you refer to 100 Card Singleton.  Are you saying to mix the idea of EDH and 100 Card singleton which I am ok with, thats what I was taught by my friends, and I still run 100 cards in a deck with no single card being repeated other than basic lands of course. 


Hope to hear from ya soon :P