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so I am attending my first local turnament with my RW aggro deck.
Whan I need is a suggestions for sideboard and any general suggestions for improvement as well...
Format: Modern, Budget: Not much

Creatures (23):
1 x Legion Loyalist 
4 x Rakdos Cackler 
4 x Boros Elite
4 x Truefire Paladin
4 x Lightning Mauler 
4 x Skyknight Legionnaire
2 x Frontline Medic
4 x Firemane Avenger

Spells (12):
4 x Lightning Bolt 
4 x Madcap Skills
4 x Boros Charm 

Lands (20):
10 x Mountain 
9 x Plains 
1 x Sacred Foundry

Sideboard (15)
Was thinking of ench/artefact removal and dont know what else...
For artifact removal, Vandalblast could be good because it can remove one or all.

Shattering Blow as well, perhaps.
I've seen Combust, Disenchant, Refraction Trap, Molten Rain, Rule Of Law, Torpor Orb, Smash To Smithereens and Relic Of Progenitus and various things as :R::W: SB material.
Based on the most commonly run cards (of my admittedly cursory glance) I'd consider something like

1 Relic Of Progenitus
2 Celestial Purge
2 Refraction Trap
3 Combust
3 Smash To Smithereens
4 Disenchant 

This obviously needs to be tuned to your Meta - but it's a halfway decent starting point I guess.

How to autocard: 


[*c]CardName[/*c] (remove the *'s) to autocard!



4 x CardName

4 x CardName


Remove the *'s to autodeck!

I would consider swapping out the Truefire Paladin or Lightning Mauler for Wojek Halberdiers as a 2 drop, 3/2 for 2 is pretty awsome.

Personally I would take out the 2xBloodcrazed Neonate and 2xFortress Cyclops for 4xSkyknight Legionnaire to round out your creatures. That would give you 8 One drops/8 Two drops/ 5 Three drops and 2 Four drops.

Combat tricks like Aerial Maneuver/Martial Glory are ok but I personally perfer in a deck like this more creatures/creature removal. Bonds of Faith would work as either removal or creature boost. Oblivion Ring is a great removal spell also.

If you do decide to spend some money to improve the deck Legion Loyalist is a great 1 drop and getting more Firemane Avenger would help make the deck more consistent and give it a boost.

As for sideboard maybe,
Sideboard: 15
1xDevil's Play sometimes you need a bit more burn to finish someone off.
4xKeening Apparition Anti-Ebchantment that helps keep battalion going if needed.
4xTorch Fiend Anti-Artifact that helps keep battalion going if needed.
4xPillar of Flame A perminant solution when needed for Gravecrawler type creatures.
2xAssemble the Legion for control decks.

I hope this helps GL!