DLCR: Skinbrand Goblin

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Todays final GTC card to rate is...

Skinbrand Goblin


5.0: First pick no matter what.  I will always play this card.
4.5: Splashable and first pick worthy.
4.0: First pick pack 1.
3.5: Early pick though not always a first pick.
3.0: Solid early/mid pick.
2.5: Solid pick in color.
2.0: Should generally make the deck if in this color.
1.5: Decent filler.
1.0: 23rd card if you have to.
0.5: This card will sometimes be sideboarded in.
0.0: I will never put this card into my deck (main deck or after sideboarding).

This guy is decent.  I rarely ever seem to use his bloodrush ability.  Most of the time I just play him turn 2 to get a dude on the field.  So he's mostly a Goblin Piker when I play him but that's ok.



Those 1cmc bloodrush guys are good, but I feel like we're handing out a lot of 2.5s lately.

I found Carmen Sandiego before you were born unless you're Zlehtnoba.

I'll go 1.5-2.0 on this guy. I dislike his as both a creature and a combat trick. The versatility of being either helps a little bit, but not all that much. In fact, I almost think the combat trick portion works better as a bluff than it does it does in practice, and once people start calling the bluff it gets bad in a hurry.
2-2.5. Bears are in high demand and this is also a trick.
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2.0.  Not a bear, but can take them on as a defender.  x/1 as a creature hurts Boros, but the combat trick keeping an attacker alive for the next turn is particularly relevant for Legion Loyalist, Wojek Halberdiers, Ordruun Veteran, and others with really fun Battalion abilities.
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