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Now that we're getting a new revision of the rules this week, are there any official event rules about which packet of next rules we should be using? 

Without any event-specific rules, I don't see any reason to switch now since we're only a few sessions from the end.  I'm going to just talk about the new options with my players and start Storm Over Neverwinter with the 3/20 packet. (Assuming I have players for the next season but I expect I will have 7 - 9 interested in next). 
I would not make any changes now to what you're running in the store. Now's a good time to read the contents of the packet and keep it in mind while running, so that we can iron out some potential difficulties with the rules. I'm going to be keeping an eye on the Martial Damage Dice to see how the new system works.

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I also decided not to switch rules on my players in mid-season.   



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