Amulet of Life + Deliverance of Faith = Good?

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Can Deliverance of Faith utility skill power be used in conjunction with Amulet of Life to grant the user almost bloodied value in hit points?

Deliverance of Faith lets the user spend a healing surge and gain its value in thp.
Amulet of Life enables the user to spend an additional healing surge.
Would these two effects stack?


No. The amulet of life would technically allow you to spend a second healing surge with Deliverence of Faith, but it would be a wasted healing surge and the THP would not stack.  You would just get one Healing Surge values worth of THP.

 This is because the result of using the Amulet of Life would be adding a second separate pool of THP  equal to your healing surge value after the first one has been added,  and would not be adding a single pool of THP equal to healing surge value x2.
Indeed, figured as much. Thank you very much for your answer.