Innovative Standard Golgari List, Immortal Servitude

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Just wanted to post a list I'd been having a lot of fun with in the Just for fun rooms and FNM. 

I wanted to build a deck that utilized the powerful build-around card Immortal Servitude.
Did a lot of work on CMC1 but it just didn't pan out and forced the deck to be aggresive in a world already populated with ultra fast aggro decks or midrange utilizing reckoner. It didn't work out, choosing to use IS defensively has won me many games once I decided 2cmc was the sweet spot.

The Deck:
4 Sign in Blood
4 Bloodthrone Vampire
2 Disciple of Griselbrand
2 Greenside Watcher
4 Gatekeeper Vine
4 Elvish Visionary
4 Lolteth Troll
4 Grisly Salvage
4 Immortal Servitude
4 Pack Rat
4 Blood Artist

4 Golgari Guildgate
4 Overgrown Tomb
4 Woodland Cemetary
5 Swamp
3 Forest

Haven't worked out a sideboard for the deck yet, but it is probably one of it's major weaknesses due to the narrow scope of what it wants to play.

Basically you want to stall the game, setting up a big value sacrifice gaining life with blood artist/disciple or getting some damage in with a vampire, ideally both, then next turn once the coast is clear slam an Immortal Servitude locking the board up with a huge # of dorks that deal 1 when they die. 

Deck is vunerable to aggro but can absolutely play a racing game, it is able to dig pretty deep with sign in bloods and visionary, salvage obviously won't net you an IS but feels broken at times when you need your 3rd land and you're dumping 4 other creatures in the GY with an IS in hand. 

The deck is complicated. You need to see where the game is going by turn 3, if you feel like the way to stall is to pack rat up some walls then you need to save lands. The deck tops out at 5 CMC I rarely play a 6th land unless I'm flooded and want to pop out 2 Rat tokens a turn. 

Lolteth troll is fantastic in the deck, he can dump creatures into the GY if you need to. His main role is defensive, most opponents don't expect you to drop a greenside watcher into the GY so your troll can eat their Boro's Elite and regen. He can also do an impressive amount of damage against Sphinx's Revel. decks, early points against oponnents are critical. 

Deck is cheap overrall. Lands are important though, you want to be playing a triple colored sorcery on turn 5 consistently so don't be afraid to invest.

Have fun if anyone decides to build this, I think the first card I would look to cut would be pack rats/disciples/greenside watchers, depending on what new cards fills what role.

Best pilot advice I can give to anyone is to be aggresive with your life total and actively start digging for your IS turn 2. Maximize your life with Blood Artist and get early hits in with Vampires/Troll's if they give them to you. Deck is resilient against burn/removal but watch out for counterspells obviously. 

Deck plays underpowered cards so when you slam an IS onto your empty board facing down 6 4/4+ humans with a giant smile on your face don't feel surprised if you're opponent flinches.

Thanks for your time.
Not to put a damper on you, but this sorta thing is generally better suited to the Standard Deck Help sub-forum.

Also, I know that there's been talk of a similar deck already- I'll edit with a link when I find it. 


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