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Okay so watching a ruling at SCG in Washington DC is just puzzling.


Player A has Hellrider, Boros Elite, and Thalia on board declares an attack.  Opponent no response. Player A taps all three to attack, slight pause for a response and the Player B immediately assigns blockers. Player A says "take three from the Hellrider before you assign blockers"  Player B calls the judge. The initial judges side with player A saying that Player A never said to assign blockers and that the trigger is on the stack.  Player B ask for the head judge, who says "Blockers are already assigned you missed the trigger."

I could be wrong but doesn't Player A have priority on his turn. Player B rushed block to try to miss the trigger.

Please advise...

New and Confused
In this case, I probably would have sided with Player A, and said that Player B should have said "Ok to declare blockers?".

Also, Hellriders effect is mandatory so either way the trigger should have still been put on the stack and resolved dealing 3 damage to the opponent.
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