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WotC has posted images of the upcoming AD&D 2e reprints. You can see them here. They borrowed the scheme from the 1e reprints by having images from the old covers inset into a window in the center of the cover while the rest of the cover appears to mimic either green cloth or green leather (hard to see from the small picture). There is some gold on the cover which makes me think they're using the same manufacturing process of the 1e reprints whereby they printed the colored ink directly over a foil surface.

Overall, it looks really classy and I'm ready to throw piles of money at WotC (I'm buy 2 of each... 1 to archive, 1 for playing with).

I still wish they had the original covers but these are classy enough that I won't say no to playing with them. I just hope they have a better binding then "black edition"!
I am glad the reprinted these, but my 2e books (original prints) are in awesome shape, so I def won't be buying these.
I have copies of both the "classic" 2e books (89, the better looking prints of this edition) and the 95s. I also wish they would have used the 89 editions, but these look awesome. I will definitely be picking these bad boys up. I just wish WotC would be doing more promo for these releases...

Just roll some dice.



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