Surprising Playtest Result

 Today we had a game of D&D and the rules version we used was Myth and Magic which is a d20 OGL clone of 2nd ed with revamped classes and optional rules form the fighter handbook etc as core. They have also included optional talents which are similar to 3rd ed feats but with no feat chains. Power attack for example is +1 damage/-1 AC. THACO is now BAB, and AC has been flopped over as well. AC5 is now AC 15, -2 becomes 22 etc and saves are fort/ref/will vs DC 20 and some times lower.

Party composition
1 Level 3 Wild Mage (ull my finger)
1 Level 4 Fighter
1 Level 3 Swashbuckler (Fighter/Thief multiclass)
1 Level 4 Cleric of Sarenrae (gains major plant and minor weathers, loses astral sphere and 1 more can use scimitar)

The power level of M&M is a bit higher than the average 2nd ed AD&D game and is comparable to splatbooks such as the Complete Fighter and Combat and Tactics being used. The PCs also rolled ome great scores as I watched on of them rol a 16,17,17 on 4d6 drop the lowest. I wanted more powerful monsters so I grabbed the D&DN monsters and plugged them straight into M&M the only modifications I made were due to bounded accuracy I went through and used the 2nd ed MM AC or AC+1 due to the power level.

The game was mostly exploration based with more xp discovered for mapping than combat encounters. Social encounters were included as I designed 22 encounters which were a mixture of social/combat/explore. For example the PCs found a huge tree in the middle of a plain. A perception check found a Dwarven gravestone and they dug a hole and recovered a +1 battle axes. They learned the approximate location of a Green Dragon in the woods form a friendly Dryad, a Ranger told them there were a Hobgoblins nearby that a DC 15 and 20 diplomacy check they managed to get an audience with an officer of the Steel Empire whatever that is. The Hobgoblin officer was a level 6 fighter with a sword of dragon slaying (Green) he was willing to lend out in return for a 50% share of the treasure.

The session concluded with he PCs finding a lost temple to Erathis in the forest in their Dragon hunting quest. They had 9 combat sessions in 6 hours, Explored around 30-40 hexes, interacted with various NPCs and recovered magical loot and plundered a burial mound and translated some ancient inscriptions. They also found a deposit of silver ore and used plant growth spells to hide it after one of them used a mining skill check to estimate the size of the load (15000gp its actually 18000gp).

The D&DN creatures worked very well in a AD&D game more or less as written. Without MDD martial dice bloating the damage most fights lasted around 3-5 rounds even with AD&D multiple attacks via fighters and dual wielding. They also done a reasonable job standing up to traditional AD&D direct damage spells although the wizard is only level 4 so far but being a wild mage he was able to cast magic missiles at level 5 caster level (and sometimes level 2).

In short the D&DN classes deal to much damage, caster level can still be decent and not being broken and overall the game ran well, everyone had fun and AD&D d20 with D&DN monsters slightly tweaked seems to worked. Now the PCs just have to go dragon hunting, figure out how to rescue some slaves from the hobgoblins, some evil cleric of Zeon named Cylax is animating the dead and there may be a death knight in Cylax's keep. Not to mention a romantic session with a friendly Dryad, they need to find some miners for the silver, and another goal is to set up a small settlement. More or less a decent exploration based game I thought. Also felt good to be using the classic spells and seeing them interact with D&DN monsters as numerous people have commented on previous editions being easy to convert to D&DN. It is also easy to go the other way. Now I need some elite hobgoblins, where did I leave my 4th ed MM.......

 AD&D+d20+D&DN works. 


 Fear is the Mind Killer

 Fear is the Mind Killer  


the reason you are able to combine DDN with previous editions is because at low levels they are about the same thing.   At high level, that won’t work.  For example, high level D&DN fighters would have trouble hitting AD&D armor classes because they only gain +5 Base Attack Bonus by level 20.  That’s a whopping 15 points less than what they would get if they are 3E fighters.  

Instead of THACO, you can use THAC10 = 10-AB.  So you would need to roll a 6 to hit AC 10 if your AB is 4.  Your THAC10 is 10 – 4 = 6.

The conversion work the same way as with THACO.  Suppose that your THAC10 is 6 and you want to know what you would need to roll to hit AC 17.  17 is 7 higher than 10, so just add 7 to 6 = 13.

Me so nerdy. 

The AC thing was one thing I did convert. I looked at the D&DN monster and if the AC was to low I pulled out the 2nd ed MM and converted the AC over. I done the same ting for magic reistence and if an AD&D creature needed a +1 to hit for example or sometimes I used D&DN half damage thing as the PCs all had magic weapons of some sort.

 Fear is the Mind Killer

 Fear is the Mind Killer