Racial Feat options for homebrew 4e Sergal character?

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Greetings, fellow adventurers! Currently, i am in a campaign with my Dragonborn Two-Blade ranger, but in case he dies, i have a backup.

My back up is a female Northern Sergal Fighter (Race sheet available on Google Images. Just search 4e Sergal), specializing in the Halberd. At present, all of our characters in the campaign are at level 5, so she is also this level. I will level her up as the party does, but this is her at the moment. Her stats, which are rolled from 4d6, are as follows:

Str: 21 (18 base + 2 racial + 1 at 4th level)
Con:17 (16 base + 1 at 4th level)
Dex:16 (14 base + 2 racial)
Int:14 (14 base)
Wis:14 (14 base)
Cha:16 (16 base)

At the moment, i am looking for some Racial Feat ideas so i can have more variety for when i level up. So far, i only have one:

Thick Fur: You gain +5 resistance to Cold

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and thank you all in advance!