Blue(Grixis Splash) Aggro Control deck with Ciphersnipe-Nivmagus and Delver HELP

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So had an idea that if i run a ciphersnipe deck with Nivmagus Elemental and Delver of Secrets that it would make a good aggro control deck since its low cost in mana and all of the creatures have great synergy with lots of spells and it allows me to A)get out creatures hitting for nice damage (delver for 3 flying turn 2 + even more damage from potentially big one drops in the following 2-3 turns) B)have a system with cipher where you cast spell Guttersnipe deals 2 then cipher and swing Guttersnipe does anouther 2 plus you add 2 +1/+1 counters on Nivmagus Elemental and C) have you spells that arnt cipher designed around control to stop other aggro and control decks

Instant (8)
2x Essence Scatter 
2x Murder 
2x Negate 
2x Spell Rupture 

Creature (16)
4x Delver of Secrets 
4x Guttersnipe
4x Invisible Stalker 
4x Nivmagus Elemental 

Sorcery (12)
4x Hands of Binding 
4x Index
4x Midnight Recovery 

Land (24)
12x Island 
6x Mountain
6x Swamp
its been doing ok so far but it gets caught up sometimes and i dont know what for some reason it just doesnt put out the stuff i need so i figured i would look to you guys for helpful and constructive critisism Thank You all very much :D 
you need card draw , try think twice. Izzet charm isn't bad either.
yeah i thought about card draw but really my turn clock is the same an aggro decks 5 turns so card draw seems kind void at that point the biggest thing i see from it is kicking Guttersnipe or Nivmagus Elemental from it, but i might consider Izzet Charm if for no other reason, its flexabilty in the deck
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