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First let me tell you a bit about myself. I'm 26, Male, from Dallas, Texas. I used to play 4e with friends every Wednesday evening but we stopped a year or so ago and I'm looking to get back in.

I'm a respectful player, and I can get along with pretty much any playstyle or DM style.

I have a good mic and I will buy a webcam if needed (though I don't really know why you'd want to look at ugly me).

I probably rank around Light-Medium in terms of RP. I don't go all out (though I'm respectful of those who do and will do my best to go along). I try to not be a power gamer or a meta gamer. Basically, I want to say I'm RP friendly, though I'm just not creative enough to bring out the Heavy RP inside me. Maybe a good RP group can help me with that. If not, I'm cool with just standard hack and slash adventures as well.

My schedule is fairly simplistic.

I'm free Mon-Fri 8PM-11PMish CST. Should be enough for a decent 2 hour session. On the weekends I'm generally free at any time, though perhaps afternoon sessions would be more favorable.

I don't have a lot of the players manuals, but I have DnD Insider and I use the compendium and the character builder for most things.

I'm not interested in a text-based experience. I'm really looking for a Skype/Google Meeting/Teamspeak (I have a pretty lagfree TS server that we can use for VoIP if we wanted) experience, preferably with maptools or similar software.

To summarize, I'm an easy going guy, generally pretty agreeable, not sensitive, not a drama llama, and I'm sure I'll fit into any group that would be interested in having me.

Reply to this thread or PM if you'd be interested in having me.
You'd be a good fit for the solos I'm running, but I do real-time text-only chat. If you change your mind about not being interested in text, feel free to PM me.
Hey dude, I'm trying to find a group myself.  Maybe we can get a few more and find a DM..

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