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Can any one tell me if the tomb of horros ever came in a box? 

back in high school I played afew times with friends, one friends dad DM'ed a few time and he had a module that came in a box i think it was gray, but i don't remember.

what i do remember is there was a pit of acid, we had a cave-in once, there was a spike pit another time, and we nver made it out alive!

does anyone know if this was the tomb of horrors?
I don't recall the adventure ever being sold in a box, but back in the TSR days, some products saw several different formats on their release.

As for those events, there were many, many traps in the Tomb, but I don't specifically remember an acid pit. Or a cave-in. I'm digging through my brain to try to remember the various adventures I ran/played but those specific traps don't ring a bell.

You can get Tomb of Horrors that has been updated for 4E, although I don't remember where my friend got it. He brought it to me to run for the group. We got through about 1/3rd of it and that campaign had to end due to time constraints... 
I beleave it was an original First edition module, I only saw the box a couple of times.  But we atempted to play through it several times. I have been listeng to the wizards of the coast pod cast where penny arcade and pvp and will wheaton play through the new version thats what made me ask.
As far as I know it was released as an unboxed module. However, the sequel, Return to the Tomb of Horror was released as a box set and included a reprint of the original module. Perhaps this is the one you're remembering:
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