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Hey all,

I'm probably going to play a ranger and go beast mastery with my guy.  I'm confused though about the rules for the beast companion.  According to the builder, my level 11 ranger has a beast compaion with an AC of 14.  Do the defense stats ever go up?  How do they grow?  Is there a place I can find these rules in the compendium?  I don't own the books so if its online that would be great.

What type of beast do you have?  Is yours a bear, boar, etc?

Each of the categories of beast have different statistics (kinda like characters) and different defenses and hit points.

For example here is the Bear at level 11:

Str 16+3 Con 14+1  Dex 12+3 Intelligence 6+1 Wisdom 12+1 Charisma 6+1
Speed 5
AC 23 Fort 25 Ref 21 Will 23
HP: 126
Atk Bonus: +13 v AC
MBA: Claw, +13 v AC, 1d12+4 damage
Trained Skills: Athletics Endurance.
Keep in mind these all change depending on what category your companion is in.  If you want an online source for where it is, look in the compendium under the heading "companions".
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Yeah, it bothered me that the online CB didn't "stat up" the beast companion as you gained levels. Or maybe it did/does and I just couldn't find where.
I thought it showed them where you pick your companion, in the bar on the right where it shows power and feat details and such.

It shows updated stats for my hexblade's L9 guardian there, though I admit I haven't tried beast mastery in the builder in a while.
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