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Became a fan of the card  Warp World back in Future sight when we had Hellkites to play with. So with modern growing in my area I thought i'd dig it back out of the closet, anyways any help would be fantastic as i'm a little rusty of competitive modern.

4xWarp World
4xAbundant Growth
3xUtopia Sprawl
4xAcidic Slime
2xEternal Witness
4xInferno Titan
4xPriest of Urabrask
2xPrimeval Titan
4xSiege-Gang Commander
1xUlamog, the Infinite Gyre
1xUrabrask the Hidden 
2xSword of Feast and Famine
4xGrove of the Burnwillows

This is way too slow, you'll be dead before you can ever cast it. Maybe this could be better if you use urza tron and some artifacts that fix mana. 
Would be so funny flipping warp world off of an unexpected results.
Only problem I see with running Urzatron lands is that most of the urzatron decks run a crap ton of fetches to get the lands out to make it fast enough. I could add expedition maps yes to keep permanant counts but would have to sacrifice space.
In the psat this deck has managed to keep up with other casual decks due to acidic slimes and other destroy permanants to keep them a little hampered till i can get the combo going.

Unexpected Results looks interesting as far as getting warp world off earlier. Any ideas on how to make it a little consistant? Ive never ran an unexpected results deck before.

Also thanks to both of you for your input, was worried i wouldnt get any feedback. 
So i've replaced the Priest of Urabrask with Lotus Cobra and Siege-Gang Commander with Emrakul's Hatcher. The lotus cobra gives me some extra early mana as well as hopefully getting enough mana to repeat warping.
Second off only had siege gang in there for the permanent count, but the hatcher costs the same, gives the same tokens, and in tight situations can be squeezed for mana. 
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