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Hey all,
I have a new character I'm rolling up, and having a bit of trouble settling on his class specifics.  I've loved the whole concept of the Binder since it first came out, and wanted to play with it a little, but I don't like the lack of options that the straight binder imposes, so I'm going with a hybrid.  The problem is, I'm having a hard time figuring out what to cross him with.

The basic premise is that he is a swindler; as a young con man he happened to con a as-yet unnamed magic-user, who turned him into a newt.  When he was able to watch said magic user for a few months and figure out how to reverse the transformation, the mage was impressed and began to tutor him.  He mastered rituals and began a career as a binder, summoning and either forcing or swindling various entities.

When his swindling ways finally caught up with him and he wound up with a sword through the chest (courtesy of our existing group's main antagonist), his soul was sort of caught in limbo.  He'd made so many pacts and owed his soul to so many entities that nothing had a clear claim.  As the various devils, demons, archfey, etc argued over who had precedence, he re-animated himself and slunk away.  He is now a revenant, not because of some dark mission left unfulfilled, but simply because he sold his soul too many times. He is now dodging various planar bounty hunters and trying to rebuild his power, while dismantling the various pacts he's made without ever letting any one entity have a clear claim on him.

The problem I'm running into is how to build a character to reflect that concept.  I started with a hybrid Binder/Bard, but to be honest, it didn't feel quite right and the Bard's healing powers don't seem to fit.  I tried a Binder/Psion with the Bardic Ritualist feat, but the hyper-focus that the psion has doesn't feel conman-y enough.  Any ideas?
Rogue's use Dexterity and Charisma like the Binder does, and they often have reputations for being swindlers and other characters of unscrupulous trade, so why not a Rogue/Binder? You could take the Arcane Implement Proficiency feat and use a Dagger for spellcasting.

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Wizard? He studied magic under a teacher, after all, and Wizards can make an entire power set out of hijacking brains and summoning things.
Stats line up with Warlock as well, if you go int/cha.
You might consider multi-classing into Bard, all bard powers are charisma based and several have intelligence as a secondary. Also, going with a leader class means that you can stay out of the melee.
There are themes that add "bargin with devil",and "bargin with primordial" flavoured powers if your class powers seem to favour one planar group over another and you need more diversity.

If you have no need the revenant's options to take features from his birth race you could take some other race for begged/borrowed/stolen power. Born a human but now a teifling-revenant becuase of all the devil power inside him.

Multiclassing shaman is always an option for people who summon, conjure, call and deal with spirits and gods.

Hybrid or multiclass sorrceror could show off all the raw uncontrolled magic inside your body+soul.
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