A fat dragonborn?

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In my upcoming campaign, I will be handing out NPC sheets for the players to keep track of details and information on each major NPC.

On the handouts, along with some starting information, I include a small portrait or picture.   One NPC I have in mind is a fat dragonborn lighthouse keeper, but I have not been able to find a picture that`s even close.

Anyone know where I can find a pic of a fat dragonborn?
photoshop a pic of a regular one?  Or just use a regular one and say it's an old picture.  When the PCs don't recognize him from the pic, he can say he put on a "few pounds".  Adds another layer to the character, and maybe a bit of humor to the campaign, if that works.

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 You're not going to find a picture of an overweight dragonborn, or at least not a good/non-comical one... Photoshopping an image together is your best bet.

 If the npc is someone who'd wear armor or heavy clothing/robes (i.e., no skin showing), you could slap a dragonborn head on a dwarf or an image of an overweight person... The more flesh showing the more you have to change - heads and hands are fairly easy, swapping the feet for dragonborn claws will be harder, and adding scales to large areas of exposed flesh is a lot of work...


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Just use one of the headshots, you can't tell what the body looks like.


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Check with the guys at CharDev they might be able to help you with your Dragonborn request

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Just use one of the headshots, you can't tell what the body looks like.

Yup. Example:

Alternately, you could stretch the image of a normal Dragonborn to make it look wider.
Thanks, I'm going to use that picture.
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