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Sorry if this is a daft question, but why can't an Avenger take Power Attack as a heroic tier feat?
My bet is you don't have the prerequisite 15 Strength.
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I said possibly daft, not definitely daft! I've got the 15 str
Then you can.  Who says you can't?
D&D Next = D&D: Quantum Edition
The ol' DnDI character builder
I'm guessing the character builder has encountered some error that is not letting him take it. Build your character by hand to avoid these issues.

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The only valid reason why Power Strike wouldn't show up in the Character Builder is if you don't have enough Strength.  If you have enough Strength and Power Strike still doesn't show up, then it's a bug in the Builder.  It happens.  Leave a feat slot blank and write in "power strike" on your character sheet, and apply it as necessary.  Fortunately, it's a feat that doesn't enter in to any of the automatic calculations the Builder does.
D&D Next = D&D: Quantum Edition
On a different note:

Power Attack is generally a terrible terrible idea.  So maybe the CB is just trying to do you a favor? 
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I can't reproduce that problem with either the new CB or the old CB.
If you're using the old CB, make sure you're using a clean install that hasn't been modified in any way.  If you're using the new one start with a new fresh character and a clean cache file and rebooted computer. 

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Also ensure that you choose Custom / Home Campaign.

Anything else is liable to cause problems.
Another point to consider: if you're building a character at higher levels, your final ability scores aren't the same through the life of your characterm, and you have to qualify for feats *at the level you take them* - I've often been caught out building Paragon characters who satisfy their feat conditions exactly, and therefore can't take a particular heroic feat until paragon anyway.

In short, make sure that you satisfy the prereqs at the level you take the feat.

And yeah, don't take Power Attack, even on an Avenger.
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