Bumping up the Moathouse Difficulty (Next DMs only)

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My party will be attacking the moathouse next session. Since they are now 2nd level the conversion document says that this should be an Average difficulty encounter for them (60 per pc). What do you think of the following changes: 

Nothing to enda except giving her the proper amount of dagger damage for a halfling.
Sending in 3 frogs with max HP
Nothing to the two dwarves
bumping the Archers up to 8 with max HP

This results in approximately 300 points in the encounter build (60 + 120 + 40 + 80) 

Since I usually have 7 players I should be shooting for 420 points per the guidelines doc but I don't know how to achieve that without adding in 12 more archers. I don't want this to start looking like a Warhammer Fantasy battles game. 

Opinions? I think with the cover provided by the fortification this will hopefully be enough challenge that they won't just roll through the moathouse leaving it a steaming pile of rubble. 
I wouldn't add any more combatants. I ran this for 6 level ones. I had 8 archers and bumped up everyones HP. It ended up being about right. There were a couple of scary moments for the players but they pervailed. The fight did drag on though. I believe it took us an hour. I think part of it was the new rules for everyone involved.

I think what you have will work. I would max Enda's HP so she can take more hits. The increased HP should increase the XP of those creatures. One other element to consider is the adventure suggests an optional combat encounter at the Trading Post. This is another 80 XP (Raynen-10, Gremag-10, 3x Common Bandits - 60). Encourage them to head back into town without an extended rest and you'll be pretty close to your XP budget.

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Ended up with 5 players last night so I cut the encounter down to 5 archers and 2 frogs (plus the two dwarves and Enda). Might have been a bit tough but I don't think they had good tactics to deal with the concealed archers. Ended up as a party win with an epic 1 on 1 battle between the party's rogue and Enda Yate who surrendered when she hit one HP.

The Halfling wizard was nearly digested by one frog and the party's cleric was killed. Sister Euphema, embarrassed by her performance when confronted by Sir Moonbrook's body and enraged at her unwitting aid of the cult, decided that she needed to be involved in squaring things with the Lawgiver and came huffing and puffing into the moat house after the fight was over to offer aid and join the party.
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