Building a new deck need help. B/W - lost cost - spirit token - extort - orzhov -

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This is far from a finished version, but these are the cards I have in mind. The idea is lots of spirit tokens, sphere slowing down the anemy. while I swing with a lot and also extort. I have Deathpact and Obzedat in there as some decent end games.



3 x Sphere of Safety
3 x Blind Obedience
2 x Contaminated Ground
2 x Intangible Virtue
4 x Oblivion Ring
4 x Ethereal Armor


4 x Lingering Souls


4 x Smite
4 x Beckon Apparition


2 x sorin, lord of innistrad


2 x Treasury Thrull
2 x Deathpact Angel
2 x Obzedat, Ghost Council
2 x Crypt Ghast
2 x phantom general
4 x Cartel Aristocrat
4 x Keening Apparition
4 x Doomed Traveler
4 x Thrull Parasite

4 x Godless Shrine
2 x Vault of the Archangel
It's hard to tell with only a few cards. Try intangible virtue
So this is the decklist I currently have. I am looking to add an subtract some cards. Also Looking on a vote for what people think i should run for mana. I think 24. Should I run 22, 24, or 26 though? I don't have all the cards yet to play test. also I how many plains compared to swamps. lol as you can tell I am not good at mana curve an want help. haha
I am trying to cut and add and cut and ughhhh I hope someone helps me soon
I might recommend angel of serenity over deathpact for you end game. Sure it's 1 more mana, but serenity allows you to exile 3 cards -allowing you to get rid of your opponent's creatures, or exile your own and get them back should serenity go away.

Have you thought about high priest of penance or orzhov charm?
Someone in person today told me to run serenity. I currently have a little amount of cards. An Deathpact I already have a pair of. If I can get serenity sometime soon I'll likely make the switch. Charm I do want to put in. The High priest I am not sure yet. I have been thinking of using Orzhov Keyrune. I love these recommendations. Any cards you think I may want to cut?
You seem to have 2 thoughts going -sacrifice and making tokens stronger. Just curious what you plan on using for sacrfice if not your cheap tokens? If something else, then okay, but if so, then I don't see the need to 'pump' all your creature tokens -wasted card spaces that could be better used. Spear of safety -I feel this could be replaced for a better card that's cheaper.
haha your so right.... I want to have as many spirit tokens as possible an just flood them. I like sphere of safety, it buys me time.  
I don't know what your meta is like, but if it's similar to mine, then a turn 5 drop to buy time is already a little too late. Have you play tested yet to see if the card is of any benefit?