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Hey guys, coming to you for some feedback on this.

This is the deck list. I'm planning on having 25 lands but haven't figured that out yet.

Take a look.


Archaeomancer - i want to get back my unexpected to cast as often as possible

Augur of Bolas - searching for farseek or unexpected

Avacyn, Angel of Hope - indestructible is nice

Drogskol Reaver - doesn't die to selesnya charm and gains life and draws

Farseek - ramp into turn 3 results and maybe turn 4 archaoemancer

Omniscience - i've thought about putting in 4. it isn't an auto win if this comes out i suppose since i'm aiming for a relatively consistent deck but it helps a lot. would consider getting rid of it to make it more consistent though

Planar Cleansing - sweeper

Sigarda, Host of Herons - hexproof, can't be sac'ed. can't be bounced. only put in two because it would suck to results a second one and kill the first one. She's only 5 too so hard casting isn't hard.

Stormtide Leviathan - prevents most attacks and is unblockable. seemed good

Supreme Verdict - didn't have them early on but creatures in the first 3 turns suck. Sometimes you hit this turn 3 with the results but if it's an aggro deck then they might already have three to four creatures on the field.

Unexpected Results - the main reason for the deck. ramps up nicely if you hit land so you can just ramp to hard casting a card. Worst case is...you get a land or an verdict on all your creatures...but you never usually play it once your big stuff is on the board.

Let me know what you think, like, hate, adore. Thank you for the feedback.

First of all: This deck is janky and I love it. Always had a soft spot for decks built around $1 Rares.

Second, I'm actually a little disappointed to see that it doesn't have Primal Surge (the thread title seemed to be implying that), but it wouldn't work in this deck because of all the nonpermanents. 

@Diachronos, Yeah, I had originally put in only 1 Primal Surge as well but putting in the verdicts proved to be more useful against creatures. I left the name of the deck the same just because it sounds pretty cool. I ddn't really think about giving it a new name.

To be more reliable I would've had to put in 4 surges and I didn't want to try this avenue.

I didn't originally have the bolas and archaeomancer's but getting back a verdict is great. I was going to try snapcaster mage but if i hit him with an unexpected results it sorta sucks unless i already have enough mana to flash it back. With the archaomancer i will get the results back and a creature and one less card in my deck. 

I used to have Urban Evolution but I realized that drawing cards is actually bad hahaha and that the unexpected results with farseek is enough ramp on their own. All you really want in your opening hand is 1 Farseek, 1 forest or green producing dual, 2 other lands, 1 unexpected results, archaomancer, and maybe a verdict.

You don't want to draw any of the big stuff because you WANT it in your deck to result it out. 

I've thought about going to 24 lands but I'll have to test that. The reason is that I think the ramp is enough that I can cut a land an improve the odds I'll hit a big card with the results.

I got to play two decks today between draft rounds.

First deck was R/B Zombies. 

I lost game one because I played a Drogskol Reaver instead of a planar cleansing. 

Second game played similarly except I cast the planar cleansing this time instead of the reaver and it worked out well. The following turn I Resulted out an Omniscience and cast two Reavers and a Sigarda.

We didn't get to play the third game.

The second deck I played was Naya Blitz I believe. I played first so I got to three lands on turn 2. His second turn consisted of 3 Burning Tree Emissary. I didn't have enough for the Verdict in my hand so I had to wait a turn. I took six from the emissaries and then swept them away with a verdict. 

He cast a medic and a flint hoof boar. I put out an archaomancer to get back a verdict. He swung on hist turn and I chumped with my mancer. I was down to 12 cuz the boar was not pumped. Next turn I played a Giant Adephage. He didn't attack on his turn. I swung and he double blocked with his medic and boar AND searing speared the adephage but I got damage through because of trample and got another copy anyway. He put out a chump on his turn but I swing with the token adephage and got another one. He scooped after the third attack. 

We didn't get a chance to play the 2nd or 3rd games but he said he would've board in a Thalia, which would probably wreck me haha.

With regard to only playing two Sigarda to avoid the legend rule, and your worst case of destroying your own creatures with a sweeper, consider that Unexpected Results says you may cast the spell.  To clarify, if you choose not to cast the spell, it stays on the top of your deck for you to draw.  Just something to keep in mind.
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