Need some elaboration on Drow Racial Power Cloud of Darkness

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Sup all. I'm working on like a crossbow sniping rogue build. And I just got a quick question about the Drow Racial Encounter Power "Cloud of Darkness"

Minor Action Close burst 1
Effect: The burst creates a cloud of darkness that remains
in place until the end of your next turn. The cloud blocks
line of sight, squares within it are totally obscured, and
creatures entirely within it are blinded until they exit. You
are immune to these effects.

So as long as you still got a move action, can you make a stealth check within the cloud? Like is it considered to give you concealment/cover (since no one has line of sight to you)?

Thank you in advanced

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It gives you total concealment, so yes, you can use it to roll stealth to Hide from things that don't have tremorsense/truesight.
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Just to clarify slightly, a creature has total concealment when it is in a totally obscured square.  So yeah.

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