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I've been a subscriber for a while.  My 4e gaming group suddenly disappeared into the wind almost a year a go and I haven't been back in a little longer than that, even though I'm on Auto Renew.

So, today I came back to check out what's new in 4e and download issues of Dragon and Dungeon magazines that I'd missed.

Or, rather, I wanted to.

Maybe it's really obvious and I've just forgotten, but how do I download not-brand-new issues?  There's no 'Download' button on them.
WoTC had stop compiling issues and were releasing articles individually up until recently. 

You can download the articles by clicking their link in each issues
Were they trying their best to make sure they drove subscribers away?  Wow.

Alright, off to download lots of stuff.  Glad they came to realize they're publishing a magazine and not a blog.
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