Two Weapon Fighting v. Dual Wielding

A bit confused about dual wielding actions v. feat. In the jan 2013 'hot to play' it's stated: "Two‐Weapon Fighting: When you wield two melee weapons at the same time, you can attack with both of them using a single action, provided
at least one of them is a light weapon. You take a
2 penalty to both attack rolls, and you use only
the light weapon’s damage dice to determine its
damage; you add no bonuses to it. If both
weapons are light, only one of them is limited in
this way (you choose)."

That's pretty clear ... so my question is if one takes the "Dual Wielding" feat ("Benefit: You can attack with two melee
weapons even when neither of the weapons you
are wielding is a light weapon"), does the -2 to both attacks still apply?
My understanding of the rules is that, without the feat, you cannot even attempt to make a TWF attack without your off-hand weapon being a light weapon.  

So, with the feat, it allows you to use TWF even if you use non-light weapons in both hands, but the -2 penalty still applies to both.

Right now, TWF has shoddy wording.  I've seen several interpretations out there, all of which could be correct given the wording. 
The wording is absolute trash, but here is my interpretation

Two‐Weapon Fighting: When you wield two melee weapons at the same time, you can attack with both of them using a single action, provided 
at least one of them is a light weapon. You take a 2 penalty to both attack rolls, and you use only the light weapon’s damage dice to determine its 
damage; you add no bonuses to it. If both weapons are light, only one of them is limited in this way (you choose)."

With Dual Wielding:  When you wield two melee weapons at the same time, you can attack with both of them using a single action, provided 
at least one of them is a light weapon even when neither weapon you are wielding is a light weapon. You take a 2 penalty to both attack rolls, and you use only the light weapon’s damage dice to determine its 
damage; you add no bonuses to it. If both weapons are light, only one of them weapon is limited in this way (you choose)."

But there is no definitive answer.  Most agree that the -2 to attack rolls stays.... but the bit about bonuses?  Yeah that's been argued around since the packet came out.  Heck, we can't even agree on what a bonus is (specifically a reference to MDD). 
Dual Lances are so awsome! So are dual bolas, only one thing better than that is dual nets.
i read it got confused and re-read it. asked around. read it some more. argued about how it should be read.
  last time i read it this is what it said, "When you wield two melee weapons... Wait why are you using two melee weapons? With the current state of the rules, doing so is going to 1) be a huge source of contention and 2) not going to allow you to do the things you want and thought you should be able to do with two weapons. So until these rules get sorted just use one weapon and retcon the two weapons back in later."
  i am looking at it right now and i promise those are the exact words i see in the playtest packet.
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