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Hey SoCal!

I"m trying to find or start a new group around Santa Ana or within 20-25 miles. Looking for 3.5 or Pathfinder. Easy to get along with. Prefer weekends.
I know some people out that way. Last I knew, they were playing in Laguna Niguel. Is that too far for you?
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I do, however, have one last lesson on this subject. That last one? The only build in this post that can one-shot average opponents[by dealing twice as much damage as they have HP? I would argue that it is not optimized. Why isn't it optimized? Because it's overkill. Overkill is NOT optimizing. This means that there are portions of this build dedicated to damage which can safely be removed and thrown elsewhere. For example, you probably don't need both Leap Attack AND Headlong Rush at the same time. You could pick up Extra Rage feats for stamina, feats to support AoO effects, feats that work towards potential prestige classes, and so on. However, you could also shift our ability scores around somewhat. I mean, if you're getting results like that with 16 starting Strength, maybe you can lower it to 14, and free up four points to spend somewhere else - perhaps back into Charisma, giving you some oomph for Intimidating Rage or Imperious Command if you want. You can continue to tune this until it deals "enough" damage - and that "enough" does not need to be "100%". It could easily be, say, 80% (leaving the rest to the team), if your DM is the sort who would ban one-hit killers.
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Not too far at all.
I am starting up a 2nd group of 4th edition if you are interested.  We play w/lots of miniatures, terrain, etc, very prop-heavy lol
Thanks for the invite, but i'm going to stick with 3.5/Pathfinder. I've already had my books stolen once and I haven't gotten my money's worth out of these yet...
Perrin, since Draco can't respond, he asked me to post here. I was in that group he mentions; unfortunately the group broke up when the hosts did. Sorry.
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Any other takers?
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