Either Lantern of Insight or Field of Dreams should have different templating

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Field of Dreams
Lantern of Insight
Wizened Snitches

Either Lantern of Insight should get the same text as the other 2 to bring them all in line, or Field of Dreams should get the same text as Lantern of Insight to more closely match the written text.  
Since the Immerwolf change, I'm inclined to think that the Lantern of Insight template should be copied onto the two others.

These cards are so similar - they could be changed to "Each player plays with his or her hand revealed."

Seer's Vision "Each of your opponents play with his or her hand revealed."
Telepathy (Same)
Wandering Eye
Zur's Weirding
I think the general rule is to only use "each" when you have to refer to something in particular, or when it's confusing otherwise. I'd rather have "all" the rest of the time.
each deck's top card is face up

 "your deck's top card" as opposed to "the card on the top of your deck
Please stop hijacking/derailing threads.
I've done neither
Yes, you have. This thread (like the previous one) is about an inconsistency in templating. There are two different wordings for identical effects, so the solution is to correct this inconsitency by making one of them the standard. This isn't controversial, and it isn't hard to fix; all it takes it for someone to notice and pick the template that's better.

You aren't at all addressing this issue. Instead, you're essentially saying "I think we should scrap the entire terminology of Magic and retemplate everything". That's not relevant to this thread. If someone is reporting that one cake tastes too sweet compared to the other cakes from the same bakery, the solution isn't to assert "I think we should eat doughnuts instead of cake". No matter how well or poorly that opinion is supported, it doesn't at all contribute to solving the cake sweetness problem.