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I've bought the first four sets of Dungeon Command with the intention of playing with my wife. Thats her in my avatar, before the Chicago Comic Con. The hard part is getting those first few games in where everything is a struggle as you learn the rules and tactics. My wife isn't much for reading rules, I'm the official rule reader and I visit these forums all the time and the game sounds like so much fun. Hopefully WoTC will keep supporting it similar to how Fantasy Flight supports their games. Maybe someday my wife and I will find the time to bust it out and put the smack down on each other.
I know how you feel. It is tough to convince the fiancee to play... so I gave up on that.

That's why I play with friends from work/school! Ask the nerdier looking ones, or see if you can figure out which ones have ever played magic and would be able to understand the game in relation to that.
Would you consider playing on Vassal if a mod were made for it?  There's a thread on these forums about it.
Yes, I think I would.
Cool, we'll have to see if we can get that thing going then.  I know I probably won't have much time to really work on it hardcore until April Embarassed but hopefully I'll be able to get on it then, assuming nobody else does first.
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