Temple of the Lawbringer Encounter (DM only - Next)

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It says to make a tough encounter for five 2nd-level D&D Next adventurers. That gives you an XP budget of 550. Using the number and compisition of foes based on the 4e printing puts you at 250 XP. I know my PCs will steamroll through this if I don't make up that 300 XP shortfall (or more if additional people show). I would have to add a lot of Bullywugs and or Deathlock Wights to make up the difference. I don't want to clutter the battlefield so I'm going to avoid that option.

My thought was to beef up the foes we do have. Give Devi Chainmail, upping her AC to 16, and maxing her HP to 30. Allow her use of Channel Divinity (Channel Magical Might). Finally, give her the 2nd level spell Spiritual Weapon.

For the Deathlock Wights I was planning on maxing their HP at 16 and making them resistant to nonmagical damage like regular Wights. Plus I would give them a Reanimate ability similar to what the 4e versions have.

The Bullywugs I would just give +4 HP.

Thoughts? Have I made the fight too tough? Should I let it be an easy fight?

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This is my core group.

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That sounds about right to me, this encounter is going to start a little differently for my group as there's a few of the PCs will have been captured by the cultists.