Green/Blue needs improvement

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Deck List

x4- Cancel
x4- Essence Scatter 
x4- Negate
x4- Simic Charm

x3- Wasteland Viper
x3- Ambush Viper
x3- Dungeon Giests
x3- Master Biomancer
x3- Giant Adephage

x3- Garruk, Primal Hunter

x3- Hinterland Harbor
x3- Breeding Pool
x10- Forest
x10- Island 

So my first/main goal is to counter my opponent. I use the wasteland vipers to keep away weaker creatures and hold back my ambush vipers to kill any attackers. Dungeon Giests should be self explanitory. Im open to any suggestions you may have.
One simple thing you can do is link the cards.. Most people tend not to look at threads unless it's autocarded.. like Ponder

in other words just put *[/c]* at the end of a card and *[c]*at the beginning around the names of cards minus the *'s.. It shows the actual card to people who are viewing the deck. Also, if you plan on running Giant Adephage, you might need a bit of mana ramp.. That is, if you want this to be rampy. Also you could think of running Unsummon just because it sends a card back to someone's hand for 1 blue mana.. It's pretty efficient. Also, you could consider more draw spells in order to get your fatty and other things that are important to this deck. 
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