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i need advise, my players are mad because i will not remove the dead monsters from the mat.  i am treating that square as having a body in it and pc's cannot move through enemies space.  is that square occupied?  should i treat it as rough terrain?  thank you guys, JT

may name is George.  I am looking to join a group in Portland area.  I am an experienced player and DM.  I have been playing 4E D&D regulary since 2008. and other versions most of my life.  please email me if you need a new player.  thanks,  g

U should remove it from the map. They are dead therefore pc's can move though the squares normally. There are some monsters that leave rough terrain behind when they die, but only if their stat block says so. Also u have posted this twice, as well as removing the monsters from the map can you also remove the other post.
If a creature is Helpless you can move into its space.  The creature is dead, or even if you don't consider it truly dead, it's at least Unconscious, which makes it Helpless.  So a creature's enemies can certainly move through and occupy its space when it's dead.

And no, I wouldn't typically say a corpse makes a square difficult terrain as a rule.  I could see doing this occasionally as some sort of feature of that monster though, and as crazywolf said, some monsters are actually meant to do this in their stat blocks.

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It is clear that per the rules, you can move through an occupied space if the creature is unconscious or dead, but a fair houserule would be that a space with a creature larger than you would make it difficult terrain, if you wanted to do something. Small to medium/ medium to large/ etc... I think I have ruled that way in a game before just because a dead dragon became part of the terrain, providing cover, concealment, etc...
is that square occupied?


should i treat it as rough terrain?

(exceptions could be made for very big bodies though. Or abnormal amounts of blood/gore.)

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