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D&D Insider ArticleDragon 421

By Chris Perkins, Jeff Dougan, Tim Eagon, Steve Townshend, Jeff LaSala, Robert J. Schwalb, Andrew Schneider, Doug Hyatt, Ed Greenwood

Make multiclass characters in a whole new way. Face the cold wrath of cryonax, the Evil Elemental Prince of Cold, Release the mephits! PLUS: Draconian character options and magic items of Krynn. We proudly present for your gaming pleasure, Dragon 421.

Talk about this magazine here.

Let me get this out of the way:  I like the Draconian variants, particularly the Kapak.  Sure the fly speed is broken (and it gets worse with one feat) but they opened that door with the pixie.  But on a flavor level, I really do adore them, even if they're flawed on the mechanical level. 
As you can tell at first glance, the Bozak is completely broken (Bozak warden + Concussive Vengeance + decent healer = Instant Win Button).  That, and it's my understanding that a race should never get +anything to attack or damage rolls just because, overspecialized or not.  It just seems like it should have been a feat rather than a racial feature.  Maybe if they changed it so that they do the knockdown thing on an arcane critical and did the extra damage thing as the provided feat, we wouldn't have a problem.  Also, why didn't they give them a weaker racial power and make CV an on-death-only power like the Kapak's Acidic Revenge?

As for the Kapak, aside from flight, I have to ask if Murderous Eye is overpowered, because my knowledge of character op is only what I've gleaned off the pros.  Obviously when used with Toxic Saliva (racial power that potentially grants save-ends immobilizing?!) it is, but given how easy Combat Advantage is to get, does Murderous Eye still come in too strong?
Glad to see Dragonlance get some love and that it will continue in 422!

I haven't looked at the Multiclass rules that much yet but at first glance they looked nice as an optional character developpement tool.  Unfortunatly it won't get into the Character Builder being an Unearthed Arcana article and will have to toy with them the old way.
Semi-random: as of the Rules Compendium, "Altitude" limits on fly speeds only affect the altitude you can be at the end of your turn.  So "has to land" is almost identical to "altitude 0".

So the "altitude 1" is irrelevant, as is the feat to boost it to "altitude 2" 

"Nice assumptions. Completely wrong assumptions, but by jove if being incorrect stopped people from making idiotic statements, we wouldn't have modern internet subculture." Kerrus
Practical gameplay runs by neither RAW or RAI, but rather "A Compromise Between The Gist Of The Rule As I Recall Getting The Impression Of It That One Time I Read It And What Jerry Says He Remembers, Whatever, We'll Look It Up Later If Any Of Us Still Give A Damn." Erachima

I have an impression the author didn't understand the interaction between the 4E Fly rules and the Altitude Limit trait otherwise he wouldn't have wrote ''you must land at the end of your turn'' for Instinctive Flight.
I have to say I absolutely abhor the alternate multiclassing rules. It makes a class 90% irrelevant as all powers esentially go into one massive pile where you can take anything. I'll give the writer credit, though, in that he more or less admits from the start that it's unbalanced. I suppose the goal is to make the most open multiclassing system that 4e can handle and leaves it to the DM to put enough restrictions on it to make it playable. I shudder to think what the optimization boards could do with these rules. Given enough time, perhaps they'd produce a 4th edition version of pun-pun.
I'm getting a 'server maintenance' screen.  Pretty disappointing but understandable.

Then however, I go to the table of contents and see posts from 5 days ago, saying the issue is inaccessible.

How long have the servers been down by this point?  I subscribed for one month, for this specific issue.  I'd hate to miss out because the servers have been down all month.

My disappointment is slowly becoming aggrevation ;).
/\ Art

How long have the servers been down by this point?

About 25 hours for me. That is for me first seeing it was avaible only yesterday and being unable to download due to maintenance and still getting the very same message today. 

Could be even longer, but I didn't try before

Finally got a copy after three days of waiting.  I wish the snafu had never happened (after all, a lot of what I'm paying for here is service) but . . . at least they got it back up before Monday morning.  I downloaded Sunday evening.
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