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You wanted official 4e Dragonlance content? You got it. Dragon magazine presents two Dragonlance articles - one on legendary items of Krynn and the other on using dragonborn as draconians in your game. And next month - tinker gnomes! Check it out!

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And it will continue in Dragon 422...
So perhaps WotC is contemplating bring DL back with DnDN? I gotta say, that might be the only way they'd get me to buy any more books.
Sweet! Three cheers for the possible return of Dragonlance to WOTC! Hip..Hip..Hooray!Smile
Read it, Printed it out, played a few test tries.

So, highlights? The legendary Items of Krynn include: Brightblade, Staff of Mishakal, Rabbitslayer, The Staff of Magius, Wyrmslayer and the Dragonlance. These I think are no brainers. The only downside is the really the Kender Spoon of Turning. That in my opinion is this articles only misstep. It's a joke item for a humorous part of a book that is not the original chronicles. Honestly, give me a Dragonorb. But that's really the only thing to bother me. The Staff has a powerful daily. I think that daily should be an encounter.

The Dragonlance is kinda nice. The attack powers (encounter and daily) are free actions. And the encounter power can daze a dragon......... Daze a dragon........ That's pretty nifty.  I was kinda hoping the Dragonlance stats would bring back the AD&D1 damage that is related to the wielder's HP. Granted i don't think it works well after 3e. where dragon breathe doesn't get weaker, but it would be nice to have a bonus based on HP.

Anyway, to the next article, You say dragonborn, I say Draconian.

I'm kinda disappointed because it's only a male kapak, and a bozak player stats. It is exactly what they said they would give us. *shrug* that's okay. I'll deal with it, it means I hope they put out more draconians for later. Can't complain. They pretty much did as i expected, and swapped Dragon Breath with the Death Throes. What I didn't expect were rules on which to use death throes as an attack. THAT is very interesting and new. I plan to modify this feature and add it as a power with Bozak monsters from the draconomicon.

personally, I love the kapak. the paralyzing saliva is what I envisioned as well.

Can't wait to see next month. Tinker gnomes!What does everyone else think?

Its cool they have the article and all, but what I want to know is if they will be bringing the setting back with DnDN. Everyone knows 4e is on the way out and its doubtful anyone is going to go out and get the 4e books at this late date just to run a 4e DL campaign. So, if they are going to bring the setting back with DnDN they should make it known.
The articles were interesting, but not what I think most of us really want for an iconic DL experience.  I want Wizards of High Sorcery and Solamnic Knights.  Draglonlance stats are very nice to have, but unique items such as the Staff of Magius, Brightblade, etc...meh.  I'd have rather had dragonorbs and other Krynn specific mass produced items.

It's good to see some focus on Krynn though.  Maybe next month we'll get Solamnics and High Sorcery.
I am really looking forward to seeing what they do with Tinker Gnomes. I'm hoping for some more Thingamagigs, I mean thingamagigs practically screem tinker gnome....and maybe a technologist feat that allows the creation of Thingamagigs.
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