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Basic idea on this deck is to turn 3 and Obzedat, turn 4 Trostani, after that, as much as you can pump into Vizkopa's 2nd ability, watch the pain as you gain mass life and deal mass damage for sitting back.

This deck also has the Exquisite blood, vizkopa infinite combo just for fun.

at FNM ive got 3-1, 2-1-1, and 3-1 with this deck in its current state,  This one eats American Control and Esper Control like crazy, especially after siding in nevermore for the opposing sweeps, Merciless eviction and vraska takes care of enemy walkers pretty well.

The part im having trouble with is RDW decks, Naya Blitz, and Gruul Aggro has been a hard matchup, but not undoable .
I would really like to have any input on what i could sideboard or change out to help me crush aggro, I made 10th place at my last FNM, and I really want to take this one to the top 8

Any suggestions would be great
You should run avacyn's pilgrim instead of arbor elf for starters. I would remove the basilica guards and move the nighthawks main. If your meta is mostly aggro decks then i would say MB more spot removal like victim of night(which you have but need more), ultimate price, abrupt decay(really good to kill reckoner with), tragic slip and golgari charm.
Arbor elf works way better than pilgrim as i can untap the green shocks for white green or black. Ive playtested with both. Other stuff will be worth looking into though
Problem with Arbor Elf is you have only 8 Forests, so there are likely times where Elf can't do a thing.
Plus farseek to fetch all those forest shocks.. Ive only had 1 game out of 45 played where i had trouble with mana,
My real trouble isis my opponent swinging 18- 23 damage turn 3 or 4.. If i get past 4 i stabilize and grind them out with ghosts and guildmage
Just some random thoughts on cards that might be good to tinker with:

Restoration Angel
Rhox Faithmender
Conjurer's Closet
Chalice of Life
@ Hreth The Only Reason I Haven't Gone With Theater/Resto Is Due To The 120 Dollar Cost (Sorry About All The Caps.. This Phone Is Awful) I've Thought About Rohx, Do You Think It Will Mess With The Mana Curve To Much Costing One More Than Basilica Guards? Chalice Looks Like It Could Be Interesting In This Deck though
The More I Look At Chalice The More I Like It In This deck
Why are you maindecking 3x Blind Obedience? It's not like you need the extra extort, and it really only hoses decks with haste. It feels much more like a sideboard card here.
@ Hreth The Only Reason I Haven't Gone With Theater/Resto Is Due To The 120 Dollar Cost (Sorry About All The Caps.. This Phone Is Awful)

I like Thragtusk --> "Theater". Ok, he's expensive, but he's expensive because he is good. Do  you have anything you can trade with?

I've Thought About Rohx, Do You Think It Will Mess With The Mana Curve To Much Costing One More Than Basilica Guards?

You have enough mana acceleration to compensate, I think. You can also replace at least one of your Merciless Eviction, I'm not sure you want 3x.

Another card that might work for you is Shrieking Affliction.
Gloom Surgeon can be quite good if you are having trouble with aggro decks.
Merciless eviction has been a god send in my meta, clearing the board of either walkers or critters when it gets too hairy, but i found that only having 2 made it so it wasnt showing up when i needed it.  3 ended up being a good number.

Gloom Surgeon looks like it would be good for all those nasty Ash Zealots running around... Might be a sideboard thought.

How would Shrieking Affliction work well in this deck with no hand discard?

Ive loved Blind obedience so far, only time ive pulled it out was against esper creatureless controll, but being able to slow oponents tempo has been pretty aggravating for them, the extort has been nice too, pulling me out of a couple of jams.
So if I were to drop

3 x Basilica Guards 
1 or 2 x Exquisite Blood

What cards do you guys think would be the best suited for Mainboard to make this deck more competitive with Aggro

I think Hreth's point with Shrieking Affliction is that it will make aggro players think a bit more before committting their whole hand to the field. It will serve a similar purpose to the blind obediences except that instead of tapping their creatures it might make them not even play them to avoid the damage. 

I could see it working but if they decide to commit and you can't hold their charge then an extra 3 damage to them isn't much help. It's only good if you can either hold off their attack or if they decide to hold back their cards, which buys you time you need to advance your board.

You're asking a lot of your manabase.
I really like the list, but why is there a singleton Elderscale Wurm? You have no way to tutor it out, nor any way to protect it if it hits the field. I think you could use that slot for an extra copy of Exquisite Blood to hit that combo more often. I also feel like 3x Merciless Eviction is a lot for the main board, how has that been working out for you? I think I'd rather have more cheap removal in the mainboard, personally.
I also think that Selesnya Charm should be considered in any deck running those colors. It exiles fatties, removes weenies by providing an instant-speed blocker, and pushes damage through. It can give trample to your Vraska tokens, too! Great card.
Elderscale Wurm is included just because I think its hillarious when it drops. But its not impervious to being moved out of Mainboard.
Selesnya Charms were in my deck, but with the recent change to Aggro, I now Rarely see anything over power of 4.  Its a maybe on my sideboard, just depends on how the meta changes over the comming weeks.  But I do have a playset in case I need to start siding them again.

Funny thing about Vraska, I mostly use her for her second ability of kill a permanent, Ive never seen her Token assassins in play before!

Im pretty solid on the 3 Merciless Evictions, Makes it so I always get one at some part of the game, when i was only playing 2, i never seemed to get one when i needed it the most.
If you're having trouble against aggro, I pretty much cannot emphasize two things enough:

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