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My last session of D&D Encounters had a TPK.  Because of this, I need to create a new character for the next session.  What are the campaign specific rules for doing so?

The previous character completed the caravan escort session (and got a potion of healing), followed by a bar fight, but the party was wiped out by the bullywugs.

(My group is one week late on the sessions - one meeting was cancelled by the organizer due to weather).  
I'm just a player this season, but I was told by the organizer that the new PC comes in with the same XP/sessions played as the previous one. I don't know if you get to keep the healing potion, though.

Keeping your XP if you change characters is also consistent with previous seasons of Encounters.
From the scenario book:-

Changing Characters

Players can switch characters during a D & D Encounters season. If a player wants to do so, he or she can bring a new character of the same level as that of the previous character. The new character can keep neither treasure nor equipment from the previous character.

Character Death

If a character dies during a session, the player has two choices. He or she can bring the same character back at the start of the next session, or start a new character of the same level.

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