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Todays random card is...

Vesuvan Doppelganger

This is perhaps my favorite shapeshifter in the game.  It's still really good by todays standards.  I like the artwork.  And I just have really fond memories with it.

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it's really good, one of the better Clones
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Vesuvan doppleganger, unlike most other shapeshifters, is always the best.  It's whatever you want it enters the battlefield, and can switch to something else every turn.  Vesuvan Shapeshifter comes close, and thanks to its morph clause has combo utility that the proper doppleganger doesn't, while Sakashima the Impostor can successfully duplicate legends rather than just legend-ruleing them off the board. However, the Shapeshifter costs to switch and Sakashima requires a grand total of over two turns and Summoning Sickness to take on a new form.

In my opinion, this means that Vesuvan is still the gold standard of dopplegangers.

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I remember back in the day Vesuvan was a money card. No idea what he goes for today.

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I remember back in the day Vesuvan was a money card. No idea what he goes for today.

At least 2 dollars, at most, 200(collectable), without them just cheating you.
It's the gift that keeps on giving. Always loved it, and always will

thumbs up.

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Cards like this are part of the reason I'm glad I started playing in Time Spiral (aside from it just being a fantastic block in general), it's always a cool feeling to stumble across the old cards I never knew about that were referenced in that set. That said this card is totally amazeballs and I want some right now.
I got 4 for a quarter each a while ago because I liked the art, I'll have to figure out a way to try them out sometime.
One of my favorites from back in the day.  Loved this card, still holds up.  Its whatever threat your opponent has or twice the threat you do!
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Thumbs up.

Great card.
Was playing a blue green deck revolving around playing copies of fog, spore flower, and paradox haze.
The idea was to get out either protean hydra with a ton of mana or tamiyo, the moon sage and fog infinitely.
I eventually got out protean hydra as a 6/6, and I blocked for four, then one, turning it into a 11/11.
Next turn, my opponent bluffs a doom blade. I smile and play vesuvan doppelganger.
Two 11/11s :D