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We're about to wrap up a campaign, so I've started to brainstorm on concepts for a new character.  I have a few ideas, but thought that it wouldn't hurt to get more ideas from the community.  We're starting at 1st, and I'm asking for suggestions of themes, backgrounds, classes and future paragon paths; any or all of these, with a few guidelines to follow:

As stated in title, this is in the Greyhawk setting, specifically starting in Hommlet.

The character I'm currently playing is a Mage, so I have no interest in playing a controller role.

DM twist 1: allowed races are Human, Dwarf, Elf, Half-elf, Halfling

DM twist 2: no arcane classes, with the idea that arcane users are all evil now Wink

The best character I ever played was a dwarven fighter, who thought he was a paladin.

He used to weave candles and incense into his beard and light them before combat to bring him closer to his god.  The other players would get really annoyed when I would waste a turn using Lay on Hands for 0 points of healing.  And whatever you do, don't tell him he isn't a paladin.  By the end of the campaign of course, he did duel class into a paladin.  
I would suggest looking into what the other players in the campaign are playing. Fill in the gaps and you will enjoy being useful.

Here are some options I like (Unoptimized):

  • Dwarf Shaman

  • Elf Fighter with Polearm Momentum

  • Halfling Artful Dodger Rogue (could be optimized)

  • Halfling Battlemind (if psionic is allowed)


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