Does this product officially exist (or did I get scammed)? Dungeon PDF archive compilation on DVD

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Hi there,

Apologies if this question has already been asked.

I recently bought on eBay a product advertised as a Dungeon magazine compilation of adventures in PDF on a DVD. The seller claimed to have multiple copies and was selling them for six pounds a pop plus postage.

What I received was instead was a copied DVD... with nothing on it. I've reported the seller to eBay for selling counterfeit product, but I'm wondering if an official release exists for this product? Did these archives ever make it to disc or is this pure scammery?

Amongst other things I love 2e and I still enjoy going through my modest collection of old Dungeon magazines. I occasionally buy used older editions. I would happily shell out money for an official version of this product, if it exists.

I don't think Paizo ever sold such a product. My guess is he just had scans of all the magazines. I'd also guess that he left the disc blank by accident. So, it's not so much a scam as a combination of piracy and incompetence.

I don't remember hearing of a Dungeon one, but there was a Dragon Magazine Compendium, wasn't there?

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I don't remember hearing of a Dungeon one, but there was a Dragon Magazine Compendium, wasn't there?

Yep. It included some UI software (that was really bad) for browsing the magazines, but most importantly it had pdf copies of the fist 250 Dragon Magazines.

I am not aware of any such product for Dungeon.
Such a product for Dungeon would be amazing if it was legit.

You were right to report that seller as it is a pure rip-off not only of you but of the IP holder.
Thanks for the responses. I'm super-annoyed at the way this happened.

Who is the currnet copyright holder for Dungeon magazine?
Paizo Publishing, if I recall.  They may have sent it to Hasbro, though...
It probably depends on the issues.  I know (believe) Hasbro/WotC currently has it since 4e came out although I don't think that gave them the rights to all the stuff that Paizo put out while they had the print version of Dungeon before then.

I suspect that Paizo owns the rights to all the Dungeon adventures that were published under their watch although they may not be able to sell them without permission because of the Dungeon name.  I know their Shackled City book/mega adventure is the result of consolidation, and perhaps even updating, a series of adventures that appeared in a dozen different issues.

I'll say my subscription to Dungeon is what had me go into 3.0 and 3.5.  The magazine switch ruleset so I needed to get the books to make use of it.  The 4e comes out and WotC pulled that so I didn't have any reason to go into 4e.
Paizo still sells pdf copies of at least some of their Dungeon mags, and even print versions of a few. Wasn't too long ago (a few months) that I bought the four part poster map of Greyhawk that they did (in print, not pdf) and I just checked to see if they still have it for a friend, and they do.
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