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So, I'm playing in an Eberron game (3.5, thankfully, I like 4e, but not Eberron in 4e), and I'm having a little trouble figuring out a good next feat for my character.

I'm a Human Artificer 5.

Right now my feats are:
Least Dragonmark (Mark of Finding - identify 1/day) 
Bonus Feat (human): Rapid Reload (Heavy Crossbow)
Skill Focus (Use Magic Device)
Bonus Feat (level 4 arificer): Legendary Artisan

My base stats aren't that great.  We did a 32 point buy, and I put most of my effort into Cha and Int.

I figure for my level 8 bonus feat as an artificer, I'll go with Wand Mastery (get even more out of every wand I buy), but I'm going to be hitting level 6 soon, and I can't think of a feat to take for level 6.

Haven't really seen any Prestige Classes that knock my socks off for an artificer, since every one of them would cause me to lose out on Craft Reserve Points and Item Creation feats.  So theres no feat I'm looking to take to qualify for anything.  I'm not really interested in the higher levels of the Mark of Finding, either (although it would be kind of amusing).

I'm very well versed in 3.5, and have access to all or most of the books (and every Eberron book except Stormreach), but this will be the first time in a LONG time that I played a 3.5 character who wasn't a wizard.

I'm thinking Empower Spell, maybe?  Metamagic feats can be applied to infusions, and 6th is the level where I get metamagic spell trigger (something I loved havng on my Incantatrix when we played Forgotten Realms), which would allow me to Empower Wands.

Any ideas?  Appreciate the input in advance.

Very helpful! Thank you!
Man, that thing is still getting mileage, isn't it?  Awesome. =)
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