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I've played a rogue pretty much every campaign I've ever been in but in my next campaign I was the last to join and they needed a leader still so I decided I wanted to play a fake skald bard. I just have a couple of ruling questions I want to clear up. 

1. If I use a power that says "Special: You can use this power as a melee/ranged basic attack" does it work for my abilities that say "Each time you hit with a basic attack"? (I plan on doing this by poaching one through the half-elf racial)

2. Do the items "Healer's Brooch" and "Gloves of the Healer" apply their effects through skald's aura if someone heals themself with it. For instance my defender using his minor action to activate the aura's effect and heal. 

Healing Brooch: "When you use a power that enables you or an ally to regain hit points, add the brooch’s enhancement bonus to the hit points gained."
Gloves of the Healer: "When you use a power that lets one or more creatures spend a healing surge to regain hit points, one target regains an extra 1d6 hit points."
Skald's Aura:"Twice per encounter but only once per turn, you or any ally in the aura can use a minor action to spend a healing surge and regain 1d6 additional hit points. Alternatively, you or any ally can use a minor action to allow an adjacent ally to spend a healing surge and regain the additional hit points."


3. Skald's Aura gets no feat support at all beyond skald's training turning majestic word into the aura. So I was wondering if they just forgot to give it some love or if the majestic word feats also apply to skald's aura.

Skald's Training: You swap your majestic word for the skald’s aura power. You and your allies can use minor actions to benefit from the aura only as many times during an encounter as you would be able to use majestic word. 
1. Is a basic attack works, use in place of does not. Almost needlessly nitpicky.

2. Nope. They specify when you use a power. You use a power when you take the action to use it, and only then. You're not using a power. Actually no items with this phrasing will ever work for a Skald aura, RAW.

3. New things are less supported than old things. Just the way it is.
Thank you for clearing that up.
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