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I've been wanting to make an ice/snow/northern-themed Green/Red deck for a while, that has creatures like Mammoths, Aurochs, Yeti, ect... in it, but I'm not exactly sure where to start. I only really know Innistrad/M13/Return cards well, since I started playing while Dark Ascension was new.

I got a copy of the Aurochs Stampede theme deck for the basic landbase, and I'd like suggestions on any mechanics and cards that work really well for a deck with this sort of theme. The only cards I've completely decided that I want to have in my deck are the Snowlands, a playset of Stomping Grounds and Rootbound Crags (to make it be more effective), and a playset of Huntmaster of the Fells/Ravager of the Fells.
If you're gonna go snow, go all the way - Scrying Sheets and an all-snow landbase (Highland Weald and Into the North help) allows for decent card advantage.  Save your Stomping Grounds and Rootbound Crags for another deck.

Once you've ramped up, Rimescale Dragon goes a long way towards ensuring your guys punch through.

Ohran Viper and Frostweb Spider make for snowy fun; Rimehorn Aurochs is expensive, cmc-wise, but fits nicely.


A shout out to Gaming Grounds in Kent, Ohio and Gamers N Geeks in Mobile, Alabama. for all your preparation needs. - why prepping is useful, from one who has been there.
here's a gruul snow deck i actually just sleeved up:

4 boreal druid

4 coldsteel heart
4 into the north

4 phyrexian ironfoot

4 stalking yeti

3 ronom hulk

4 rimescale dragon
2 gargantuan gorilla

4 skred

10 snow-covered forest
5 snow-covered mountain
4 highland weald
4 mouth of ronom
4 scrying sheets

i have a very unhealthy infatuation for the snow theme.  i even use my grand prix atlantic city playmat, when i play it.  pink sleeves look very nice on it, too.
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