Looking for 4E players in Minneapolis, MN (Uptown)

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Hi everyone!

My name is Robert, and I am looking to get a 4th Edition Dungeons and Dragons campaign going in the near future.

My boyfriend and I moved to Minneapolis about 4 years ago, and being big fans of tabletop roleplaying, we came to one of the Twin Cities RPer meetups shortly after we moved. I ended up running a group that met at Monster Den, which was a lot of fun until we had a couple people drop out and I decided to go on a hiatus (which never ended.)

We had a lot of things going against us: we didn't have a space to play at home, so we had to play in a crowded game store; my job schedule was really unpredictable, so sometimes I couldn't run a game on the regular night. So adding in a couple dropped players spelled the end of that run. 

But things have changed since then! We now have an apartment in uptown, and my work schedule is now very predictable. So I want to get another game going.

Background about me as a DM:

I became fascinated with tabletop games in high school, but I never had anyone to play them with. In college, though, all of my dormmates were gamers (and all girls too, interestingly.) So for those four years I played 2-3 games a week with a pool of 4-8 good friends. The system I've run the most is New World of Darkness, almost always the Storyteller in "mortals" games where all the PCs were normal humans with run-ins in the world of supernatural mystery. I also played a lot of 4th ed. D&D, but only as a player and not as a DM. All of my DMing experience came here in Minneapolis, but I think it went really well. I've also played some Shadowrun, and a smattering of other systems.

Here I some things I do/like that probably inform my style of gaming:

- Story: I am big into narrative. I also love tactical combat and encounter planning, but I will pretty much always tie anything into the story. In the same vein, I love players who get really into their character concepts. I don't LARP or expect people to only speak in character or anything, but if you're excited about your character, it will help the story propel itself in fun ways.
- Improv: I take classes and occasionally do improvisational theater. I am not a "rail-roading" DM in the least. If the players take the story somewhere I didn't expect, all the better. I like to prepare versatile concepts and encounters that can be plugged into lots of different settings.
- Feminism: I have a really low tolerance for sexist BS, just to put it out there. I almost hesitate to put this here because I know "feminism" is a really charged word, and I'm honestly really laid-back about most things... but I will totally dock you EXP for unironic "girls make sandwiches" jokes and the like. On a similar note, as I mentioned earlier, I live with my boyfriend and am a dude. So if that's a problem, I may not be the right DM for you.

In terms of mechanical content, I own the following books: MM, PHB1&2, DMG1&2, AV1&2, Primal Power, Arcane Power, Divine Power. That said, I'll be resubscribing to D&D Insider, and I'm happy to educate myself on any content that's important to you, if you want to make it part of your character.

If you're interested in playing, please post here and/or email me at rckitt@gmail.com.

My goal would be a group of 4-6 including me, and as mentioned I'd really prefer to play in the comfort of our apartment. We have a nice big table. That said, if people would prefer to play somewhere else, we live close to Universe Games and could probably work that out too. Sundays work best for me, but I could also do Saturday evenings. We can talk about scheduling once I get some interested players.

Feel free to ask if you have questions or concerns. I look forward to hearing from you!