Advice on MonoBlack Sacrifice!

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x18 Swamp

x2 Unholy Grotto



x3 Tortured Existence

x4 Phyrexian Arena

x4 Dark Ritual

x3 Breeding Pit

x2 Grave Pact

x2 Contamination



x4 Fleshbag Marauder

x4 Gempalm Polluter

x4 Gravecrawler

x4 Reassembling Skeleton

x4 Veilborn Ghoul

x4 Carrion Feeder


Total: 60

please give me advice on how to make this better and a cool deck name. 

I like the idea of sacrifice but I'm not sure what you're gonna accomplish besides making it hard for your opponent to play creatures. I would look into the Morbid mechanic because it will give you something back for all those dead creatures. Skirsdag High Priest is pretty much my favorite card in that respect. Whether you sac and morbid or one of your opponent's creatures dies, you're getting a 5/5 flying demon. I like the idea of Contamination with all the tokens you have going and that would fuel your morbid. Butcher of Malakir while costly, will add a lot to this list I think (even just as a 1 of). I think you could pull a pretty solid lock with the stuff you have, I just think you can get more mileage for your effort.

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i tell this to everybody who wants to make a good sac deck: add creatures that like to die. cards like blistergrub, gravecrawler (you already have, good), dark revenant, soulcage fiend, etc. creatures with undying or persist also make great sacrifice outlets too

i can see you already have guys that benefit from sacrificing, but i would add in either blood artist or falkenrath noble

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