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The current DM has just finished his campaign and unfortunatly can't make the next weeks meeting to start his next planned campaign

And as all of us players are social animals we are going to meet up anyway
Now any normal group would just go to the pub
But no, the decided to do a one shot, just cause

So have you guys got any silly, not serious, good for a laugh campiagn/scenarios ideas I could use as elected temp. DM 
Talking Wizard cat lives in a tower guarded by a crossdressing Troll. Silliest oneshot I was ever a part of. I don't even think the DM had a story or anything for it XD
Talking Wizard cat lives in a tower guarded by a crossdressing Troll. Silliest oneshot I was ever a part of. I don't even think the DM had a story or anything for it XD

I kinda like the story of SPEC5-1 and Marvin, Morthac's Magnificent Mouse.  After you get into the destroyed house you talk to the mouse who explains how things can get wierd sometimes and it is really hard to walk on tentacles.  Also, the butler is going to be sad at how unclean the house is (**queue butler golem waking up and rampaging because the house is destroyed**)
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Dude, Where's My Car?  PCs wake up and find themselves two levels higher, new equipment, etc.  Throw in some extra stuff such as an equipped girdle of masculinity/femininity, a paladin seeking their heads, and a devil claiming they have reneged on a bargain.  They don't remember what happened.  They have to retrace their steps to figure out what shenanigans they got up to to land them here.

I'm pretty sure I originally read this idea on these forums, though I have no idea who posted it.  I've been meaning to use it for a while.
I ran one a few months ago where the BBEG was attempting to cast a ritual to destroy all the beer in the world. It had flying moustache monsters, clydesdales, and 'oompa loompas.' 
If you have a dwarf in your group, have them meet a bearded dwarf that he falls in love with. For sometime have him swoon for the dwarf. Toward the end reveal that that dwarf was in fact a girl despite her beard and have your dwarf be distraught as she leaves to find fortune by selling her beard-ropes to villagers. We will never forget the tragic tale of Thorlund and Greta.
Go for a total game changer and make them play as the monsters !  Scenario starts with PC's in a tavern (oh yay, haven't seen that before !) and then suddenly evil spirits start taking over the helpless citizens.  As the party draws weapons suddenly they too turn into monsters !  Since I ran this for halloween I had them roll a d20 and then get a random monster based on their roll, the monsters were a collection of werewolves, zombies, skeletons, vampires, witches, etc.. 

After that just tell them they feel a strong desire to kill and consume flesh (the citizens of the city they are in).  Have groups of adventurers form up and try to stop the onslaught of monsters appearing all over the city.  Have the party of monsters kill them in combats or avoid more dangerous groups.

As the party of monsters kills citizens and heroes they gather power.  After x amount of kills they evolve into a more powerful version of the monster they randomly got.  So Vampire > master vampire for example.  I used level 8 starter monsters that then evolves into level 13 or so versions.  If a player dies, roll the d20 and get another monster to play.

An example of a monsters one of the players got to play was a zombie swarm.  As it killed and gathered more dead bodies to add to itself it grew in size.  So first is was a large sized swarm, then grew up one size and then finally evolves into another bigger size.  It was fun for the player because of all the MBA's generated and grabbing targets etc.. 

As for the overall goals, it's to take over the castle of the city and kill the royal family.  So you can lead the adventure from the city into a castle siege and finally into the climactic battle against the royal guards and family.  My players evolved into their final forms after breaching the castle walls and before starting to attack the castle itself.

Anyway it was lots of fun, my players still talk about to this day and I actually incorporated it into my campaign in Eberron :D
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I'm brainstorming a one-shot adventure right now called "Trope." It's starts in a tavern and ends where I say it ends. (That last part is in jest.)

Anyway, just go look up a list of D&D tropes and make fun of them with parodies or embellish them with interesting twists. That's what I'll be doing when I flesh this out some more. I'm going with a "trope, but..." method for establishing the scenes. For example, the adventure starts in a tavern with a quest-giver (trope), but the tavern's on fire and the quest-giver is dead. Also the quest-giver is really the BBEG (trope), but he's already been killed. Stuff like that.

For any decision or adjudication, ask yourself, "Is this going to be fun for everyone?" and "Is this going to lead to the creation of an exciting, memorable story?"

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My favorite three-person opener:
- Why are you running?
- What happened to your clothes?
- For the third guy, while the GM points at the first guy: And why is it his fault?

First say: “You’re standing around a pile of bodies.”

Then ask one of these questions to each player in turn:

  • Where are you?

  • Who sent you here?

  • What killed these people?

  • Who were they?

  • What’s out of place here?

  • Whose fault is it they’re dead?

Bam. Instant adventure starter

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