Area Burst Weapon Attacks

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Can I use a heavy thrown or light thrown magic weapon to make area burst weapon attacks?

For example -- Ranger using Suppressing Shots and Unrestrained Agression; or Rogue using Burst Fire and Crack Shot?

Does the heavy/light thrown magic weapon return after such an attack (or each attack roll)?
Yes. In the same way you can use those for close burst and blast attacks.
From the Player's Handbook FAQ, if desired;

I am using a magical thrown weapon as part of an area of effect power.  If I am attacking multiple enemies within that area, do I need multiple weapons, or will one suffice?
One is enough in this case.  Magical thrown weapons return to you after each attack, so you’ll be able to use it against each enemy as part of using your power.

Thanks for the clarification and rules citation.
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