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This is a double-post over in What's a DM to do.  I know it doesn't belong here officially, but higher traffic and the best system mastery available make this the place to get the best input.

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I'm a fairly new DM running a game for a handful of friends.  One of our current strikers is an optimized Melee Cleric|Ranger and the other is switching to a Thri'kreen Monk. 

I'm aware most people consider the monk to be mildly underpowered compared to the ranger, and in general I agree, so what I was wondering is whether or not Flurry of Blows being turned into a per turn damage mechanic instead of a per round damage mechanic would over-power the monk.

I know I'm a newish DM and I'm not supposed to bend the rules, but I've been playing 4e (and reading the charop board) for many years now, and am fairly proficient with the system.  I'm just wondering if there's some unforeseen problems with changing it.

--  If the damage aspect isn't OP, are the riders on flurry going to be too powerful?
I had this very situation as a DM...

As DM, you have a lot of power to fix this without changing the rules .

What I did was through in some extra melee minions and more lower level standards, to crowd the board making the Monk's multi-attacks feel more powerful every now and again.

You can also help the monk with some more OP items.

Lastly, you could also have the Monk post his build here, to make sure he's getting as much juice as possible. 
At best, all making it per-turn does is make Internalize the Basic Kata more useful. I don't think it's a crazy houserule.

Also, what Cormac said: put in more squishies for the monk to hit in the face.
"Underpowered compared to the ranger" describes pretty much everybody. This is not a bad spot to be in. To answer your question specifically though: it'd all have to depend on how specialized the Monk is on their FoB and whether or not they're in a party with an attack-granting leader. Some builds can Flurry multiple times in one turn and really dominate the board.

I experimented with similar to Cormac. The party fought off creatures that had 4 HP each, but could only take at most 1 damage per instance of damage. The Monk therefore was able to flurry the living daylights out of these creatures.
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