Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters (Now Live on KickStarter)

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It's official. The KickStarter for Mystical: Kingdom of Monsters has begun.
In this game, players can obtain and use monsters in a variety of ways suited to their play style. Everything from battling monsters at the kitchen table to traveling through a fictional world in search of stronger monsters and opponents will be supported with the final product. You can even trade your monsters between friends easily. Parents and children will enjoy Mystical: KoM for its easy to learn rules. Veteran D&D players will enjoy mastering the system and using it to gain the biggest benefits during new or existing games.

More details will be provided on the Kickstarter about each of these, but here is a summary of our three main goals with this product.

1) Be the first Pen& Paper (PnP) game that establishes specific d20 rules dedicated to raising monsters as companions after you’ve acquired them in some way.

2) Provide a backdrop that anybody can use to create a new game or easily port into their existing D&D campaign.

3) Support many different types of players, including children (7+), new gamers, and established gaming veterans.

We've posted some updates to this project over on the KickStarter Page. Enjoy!
Today's update includes a free download over on RPG Drivethru. Check out the Kickstarter Preview, which includes 5 characters and a mini adventure that takes you through the first major encounter.
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