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I'm a fairly new DM running a game for a handful of friends.  One of our current strikers is an optimized Melee Cleric|Ranger and the other is switching to a Thri'kreen Monk. 

I'm aware most people consider the monk to be mildly underpowered compared to the ranger, and in general I agree, so what I was wondering is whether or not Flurry of Blows being turned into a per turn damage mechanic instead of a per round damage mechanic would over-power the monk.

I know I'm a newish DM and I'm not supposed to bend the rules, but I've been playing 4e (and reading the charop board) for many years now, and am fairly proficient with the system.  I'm just wondering if there's some unforeseen problems with changing it.
Go ahead.  At the very least, it'll make Internalize the Basic Kata's second benefit useful. Tongue Out
you could consider whether or not to allow the secondary effect more than once per round while allowing the damage once per turn and then you're just buffing the damage output without enabling all of the sliding and pulling and shifting that a monk normally wouldn't have
I hadn't considered the riders to all that important to be honest, but it would become more abusable that's for sure. 

I might double-post over at CO since theres more traffic there, but I do appreciate your responses you two.  Thanks.
Monk's don't pump out crazy damage like a Ranger, but then again, nothing does... Kind of a moot point to try and outdo the king of DPR without fixing the Ranger to be more like other strikers first...

That said, Monk's are fast, and have a lot of multi target powers like the Sorcerer. I'd just use more minions every now and again to let the Monk make the most of what he has. Four or so shouldn't even really make an encounter longer if the Monk's got a good handle on using his abilities.

As for your  houserule, it could work. Probably won't be too helpful unless he's taking plenty of OoT attack abilities to make use of it though...

Hope this helps. Happy Gaming
From what I've seen, monks are pretty good. They have high defences, high maneuverability and swap out some focus-fire power for AoEs (at least in heroic). There's also a bunch of ways to improve the Flurry of Blows, such as giving ongoing damage with every hit.

Overall, I'd leave the monk as is; thri-kreen is already the optimised choice to spam flurry of blows with the right stats too.