[VTT] Looking for a 3.5E or 4E online D&D Game

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I'm looking for a game that meets once a week at around 8pm CST to play D&D 3.5E or 4E over a Virtual Table Top.  I'm not too picky about what platform is used.  
I'm recruiting for solos with a multichar option right now. It's 4e, light on combat, done through text chat  (no audio or video needed). If interested please PM or email through the forum.
May be able to help you out... my group plays every other Saturday (we'll be playing 03/16) at 9pm EST, til about midnight using the rpgwithme VTT and Skype.

We're currently playing through Season 4 of D&D Encounters (March of the Phantom Brigade), just beginning Chapter 2, which is an ideal place to bring in a new player. We're pretty casual gamers, as this campaign is mainly a way for us as a group to try and see if we can find a VTT platform that we like; we ran Chapter 1 on roll20, and will decide on Chapter 3 when we get closer.

If this seems like something you'd be interested in, please let me know by Thursday evening (skype handle is daddysauc3, easiest way to catch me via chat) if you'd like to join for this weekend's game.

You'd also need to register at rpgwithme.com, then let me know your user name so I can give you a campaign invite.
nat20 games is a Rpg group over skype

we have:
A built in dice roller
virtual char sheets
a ton of freindly members who can help you with any of youre problems
our group number at about 25 people who love rpg, we are a comunity of ppl who make finding a game easy

still not sure ? come have a conversasion with me and see if its right for you my skype is Excile747
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